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What is data ownership and why should you care?

What is data ownership and why should you care?

What is data ownership and why should you care?

Sep 7, 2022


Data ownership has become a hot topic in recent years, as more and more businesses are realizing the importance of owning their data, and having full access to their data, in the event that they're not wanting to continue with a software vendor. Vendor lock-in is a common practice that can disadvantage your business if you're not careful. In this blog post, we'll discuss what data ownership is, why it's important, and how vendor lock-in can impact your business.

What is data ownership?

What does it mean to own your data?

In the context of business, data ownership is the legal right to control the use and distribution of data. This includes the right to access, modify, and delete the data. Data ownership gives businesses the ability to access their data, control how it is stored, and most importantly, choose where it is stored.

The importance of data ownership

Data ownership is important for businesses because it allows them to control how their data is used. This can be beneficial in many ways, including protecting sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorised individuals and preventing competitors from using their data to gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, data ownership can help businesses ensure that they are able to comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

How can vendor lock-in practices disadvantage your business?

What is vendor lock-in?

In business, the term "vendor lock-in" refers to a situation where a customer (i.e. your florist) is dependent on a software provider for a product or service, and switching to another supplier would be difficult or costly.

What are the consequences of being locked to a single vendor?

There are several potential consequences of vendor lock-in:

  • Higher costs: If you're locked to using one vendor, they may charge higher prices than their competitors, knowing that it is difficult for their customers to move to alternative suppliers

  • Reduced flexibility: You may be forced to use products or services that don't meet your needs, or that are less efficient than alternatives because it is not practical or possible to move to another provider without access to your data, in a way that's possible to move to another provider.

  • Decreased innovation: The lack of competition can stifle innovation, as the vendor has little incentive to improve their products or services if customers can't switch to another provider.

These consequences can be particularly troublesome for small businesses, who may not have the negotiating power of larger companies, and who may not have the resources to switch vendors if they're unhappy with the service they're receiving.


When it comes to data ownership, it's important to be aware of the implications of vendor lock-in. This is when a business relies on a single software provider, it can be at a disadvantage if it wants to switch providers. Being locked in can limit choice and flexibility, lead to higher costs, and ultimately, result in a business becoming less productive and efficient than its competitors.

It's therefore crucial to consider data ownership when choosing software for your business. When you have access and ownership over your data, you have the freedom to move it as you please - meaning you can switch software providers without any hassle. The benefits of this are clear - you can choose the best provider for your needs, without being tied down.

So when it comes to data ownership, make sure you're aware of the implications of vendor lock-in. It could make all the difference to your business in the long run.

With Digital Florists, you can request your full customer and order database at any time, and we will make sure it's available to you within a reasonable time period. We will never lock you into using our software.

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